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    Selenium Training with Java

    Course Overview

    TechCanvass offers classroom based Selenium course for manual testing professionals, who wish to become an automation testing engineer. The classes are conducted over the weekends at our Mumbai centre.

    This course covers Java Basics, webdriver, Data driven testing, Page factory and POM, Maven, TestNG, Automation Framework, Winium and more.

    This is a completely hands-on program where you not only learn the programming but also practice in the class. In addition, Our Learning management system portal provides additional practice exercises with solutions to help you sharpen your skills.

    Why Selenium Training course from Techcanvass?

    Working Professionals as Trainers

    All our trainers are working with MNCs with hands-on experience

    Weekend Batches

    All batches are conducted on the weekends

    Syllabus upgraded regularly

    We keep our syllabus aligned with industry needs.


    Project and multiple business processes automation.

    LMS Portal

    TechEdge portal with Practice Exercises


    Selenium 3.0 Proficiency Certificate

    Selenium Course Books | Hard Copies

    BABOK Revision Guide

    Selenium 3.0 (2018) handbook

    ECBA Mock Tests

    Java Handbook

    ECBA Mock Tests

    Java Practice Workbook

    We give hard copies of these books to participants, who attend our Selenium classes in Mumbai

    Course Demos

    All the participants, who join our classroom training for selenium, also get recorded sessions as a complimentary through the LMS portal.

    How much Java is needed to learn Selenium?
    Basics of locators in Selenium
    Basics of XPATH – A locator strategy
    Writing Selenium Automation Script

    Course Syllabus

    This selenium training course is designed to provide you a comprehensive and hands-on expertise on Java and Selenium 3.0 suite.

    Selenium Course Modules

    Course Introduction

    • Introduction to Trainer and Course

    • Introduction to LMS

    Getting started with Java programming

    • Approach to learn Java programming

    • Understanding a program in Java

    • Installing Java and Eclipse

    • Setting up and understanding Java environment

    • Extending your First Java Program

    Getting Hands-on with Java

    • Class Exercise: Finding Numbers

    • Class Exercise: Area of a circle

    • Class Exercise: Converting days to months

    • Class Exercise: Simple and Compound Interest

    • Class Exercise: More Class Exercises and Assignments

    Java Language Features

    • Java Language Features: Part A

    • Java Language Features: Part B

    • Class Exercise

    • Running a Java program from Command line

    • Java Language Features: Part C

    • Java Language Features: Part D

    • Class Exercise: Adding Rounding Off to Simple and Compound Interest

    • Class Exercise: Accepting User Inputs

    • Class Exercise: Class Example Command Line arugument

    • Escape Sequences

    Data Types in Java

    • Data Types in Java - Part A

    Class Exercise:

    • Numeric Data Types and Interachangeability

    • More on String Class

    • Advance String concepts and classes with examples

    Conditional Statements & Loops in Java

    • Conditional Statement - IF Else

    • Class Exercises

    Nested IF

    • Loops: Part One (With class exercises)

    • Loops: Part Two (With class exercises)

    • Switch Case Statement

    Object Oriented Concepts in Java

    • Object Oriented Concepts in Java - Classes & Objects

    • Class Example: Class and Object

    • Access Modifiers and Return Types - Class Structure

    • Return Types - Methods

    • Class Example

    • Understanding Variables

    • Encapsulation & Polymorphism

    • Inheritance in Java

    • Class Example: Inheritance

    Exception Handling in Java

    • Introduction to Exceptions Handling in Java

    • Class Example: Exception Handling

    File Handling in Java

    Arrays in Java

    Collections in Java

    • Introduction to Collections

    • Collections: Understanding List

    • Collections: Understanding Set and Map

    Introduction to Automation Testing & Selenium

    • Introduction to Automation Testing

    • Introduction to Selenium 3.0

    • Selenium 3.0 Suite and components

    • What's new in Selenium 3.0

    Installing Selenium

    Selenium Web Driver Part A

    • Selenium Webdriver First Script - Step by Step

    • Class Q & A Session

    • Implementing web drivers on multiple browsers

    • GET commands with examples

    • Desired Capabilities & setting up Proxy

    Locator Strategies

    • Introduction to Locators

    • Introduction to Locators Part-B

    Selenium IDE

    • Installing Selenium IDE and other tools

    • Recording, Running & Pausing Script

    Web Driver Part B

    • Handling Alerts

    • Q & A - Handling Alerts

    • Simple Assertions

    • Handling Synchronization - Stale Elements

    • Completing Add Student Workflow

    • Taking Screenshots

    • Handling Popups in Selenium

    • ACTIONS Class - Drag and Drop

    • ACTIONS Class - Mouse Hover

    • Handling Drop Down List Boxes

    • Types of Waits in Selenium

    Web Driver Part C

    • Handling Web Table Part A

    • Handling Web Table Part B

    • Working with KEYS & Chord for simulating keyboard actions

    • Handling Java Script - JavascriptExecutor

    Web Driver Part D

    • Downloading a File

    • Uploading a File

    • Working with a Proxy

    Introduction to TestNG Framework

    • Installing TestNG

    • Introduction to TestNG

    • Writing test cases with TestNG (HMS Project) - Part A

    • Writing test cases with TestNG (HMS Project) - Part B

    • Automating Project with TestNG (Second Project)

    Automation Framework Basics

    • Automation Framework Basics

    • Understanding Keyword driven and Modular Framework

    • Understanding Modular Driven Framework

    • Implementing Modular Framework

    • Implementing Modular Framework

    • Implementing Keyword Driven Framework

    • Using GitHub Repository and Keyword Driven Framework

    Page Object Model (POM)

    • Page Object Model (POM) Part A

    • Page Object Model (POM) Part B

    Introduction to Maven

    • Introduction to Maven

    • Building Project with Maven

    • Using Maven Plugin

    Continuous Integration with Jenkins

    • Introduction to Continuous Integration & pipeline

    • Source Control with GitHub

    • Continuous Integration with Jenkins and Maven

    • Scheduling and Automating testing with Jenkins

    Selenium course duration and details

    This Selenium course is offered as Classroom, Online and self-paced course. Selenium training in Mumbai is conducted at our Powai centre.

    Classroom Training

    • 8 weekends Course
    • Hands-on practice in the class
    • Java Study Material
    • Selenium Study Material
    • Java practice workbook
    • LMS Portal Access
    • Competency Certificate
    • Course Project (20-hrs)

    Course Fees

    (Please Select Currency)

    Classroom Training $ 205
    Classroom Training
    CP-SAT Certification Fee
    (Installment facility)
    $ 255

    (GST Extra)

    Live Online Training

    • 8 weekends Course
    • Hands-on practice in the class
    • Java Study Material
    • Selenium Study Material
    • Java practice workbook
    • LMS Portal Access
    • Competency Certificate
    • Course Project (20-hrs)

    Course Fees

    (Please Select Currency)

    Live Online Training $ 176
    Live Online Training
    CP-SAT Certification Fee
    (Installment facility)
    $ 226

    (GST Extra)

    Self-Paced Course

    • Actual classes recordings
    • Structured into topics & chapters
    • Practice exercises
    • Course Completion Test
    • Selenium 3.0 competency Certificate
    • Live Project            
    • Email Support by Trainer

    Course Fees

    (Please Select Currency)

    Self Paced Training $ 72
    Self Paced Training
    CP-SAT Certification Fee
    (Installment facility)
    $ 122

    (GST Extra)

    Certification of competency in Selenium


    (click to zoom in)

    At the end of the course, you will be eligible for a certification of competency in Selenium 3.0, based on an online multiple choice questions (MCQ) test, conducted by Techcanvass.

    Upcoming Batches Schedule


    02:30 PM - 06:30 PM ( IST )
    Classroom Training


    Sat - Sun
    09:00 AM - 11:00 AM ( IST )
    Live Online Training


    02:30 PM - 06:30 PM ( IST )
    Classroom Training


    Sat - Sun
    09:00 AM - 11:00 AM ( IST )
    Live Online Training


    02:30 PM - 06:30 PM ( IST )
    Classroom Training

    Selenium Training FAQs

    Is there any recognized Selenium Certification?

    Unfortunately, there is no Selenium certification which has industry wide recognition. So, training organizations like Techcanvass issue certificates based on participant's performance on project work and in an online test.

    Can I learn java as I have no programming background?

    It’s difficult to pick up Java in the beginning, we agree with that. That’s the reason we have taken a hands-on training approach. The classes are conducted in the Lab so that you practice everything you learn simultaneously.

    In addition, the trainers have all been in the same boat as you. They were once manual testers and are now working in MNCs as selenium automation testers. So they understand your pain points and teach accordingly.

    Will I get any certificate after the course?

    Yes, you will get a certificate after the completion of the course after you appear for an online test and finish your project successfully.

    Will it be a practical hands-on course? How will the lab sessions be conducted?

    This Selenium certification course is structured into conceptual session, trainer demo and participant's practice during the class. This is true for classroom as well as live online sessions. There is no difference as far as delivery of training is concerned.

    Will there be any project, which I will be working on during the course?

    Yes, you will be given a project to work on, which you can finish with the course. You can also take some more time and submit after a couple of weeks as well.

    Is there any difference between online training and classroom training?

    There is no difference between selenium online training and selenium classroom training. The profile of the trainers are the same and the class is conducted on a web meeting platform, where you can interact with the trainer in real time.

    More Selenium Training Certifications

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    Cucumber is an open source framework for implementing behavior driven development (BDD). It provides features (literally) to write system functionality using a high level language as well as implementing automation testing.

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    Java and Selenium Tutorials for Beginners

    Java Tutorials for Beginners


    Java tutorials for beginners has been written for professionals, who are completely new to Java and Selenium. These tutorials are written specifically keeping in mind Selenium 3.0 requirements. So the tutorials are to-the-point and are written in simple to understand language with examples.
    Go to Tutorials

    Selenium Tutorials for beginners


    This is a complete tutorial on Java, Selenium, TestNG and Grid. You will learn Java and selenium from scratch. It is written for complete beginners.
    Go to Tutorials

    Faculty & Technical Support

    As a student you can ask questions with the trainers even after the classes. Simply send an email to You will get the answer as soon as possible.
    Please note that our trainers are working professionals and sometimes may be busy with their office work.

    Placement Assistance

    Techcanvass provides placement assistance to all the students irrespective of modes of training. Our team explores the market for suitable openings regularly. You can always ask for the list of current openings from our counsellors.

    Student Testimonials

    as on Google page

    AKshatha Shetty

    I have opted for online classes Selenium3.0, Before I joined the course I was really confused about joining the class as it was online. I am glad that I joined, I must say that it is the best online class I have attended so far. The concepts are explained so well by Ravi Sir and he also clears all our queries before the class gets over. Each class is recorded and available in their portal for us to access. Study materials provided are also good. I would recommend Techcanvass for people who want to take online classes for Selenium. Great faculty and very professional.

    as on Google page

    srividya nalawade

    I took up an online test automation course with Techcanvass to gain an understanding in automation testing. Well structured lessons and easy to follow and practice.
    Definitely would recommend.

    as on Google page

    Sirisha Akasapu

    I have joined for selenium course in techcanvass. Before I took up the course I have zero knowledge on coding. The course was taught so well that now I'm able to code Java on my own and able to automate tests in my projects at work very efficiently and with confidence.
    I would highly recommend techcanvass.

    as on Google page

    Lawrence Fernandes

    I have completed Selenium Automation course from techcanvass powai branch. The thing I liked the most is that they take batches of 7 people each, which helps for better interaction with the professor and better doubt solving. The professors have good knowledge what they teach. I would recommend techcanvass anytime.


    Tejaswini Matondkar

    I attended Selenium Basic - Online classroom training. They covered java basics first followed by Selenium framework. This helped in getting up pace on learning coding. Since testers want to learn selenium for automation testing purpose, they should focus more on testing framework setup and test results too in basic course.


    Prasad Murkar

    I joined Tech canvass for Selenium Advance Course. Best part is sessions were conducted on weekends & I had opted for Online training which was very convenient for me. Trainer has covered Basic java along with Selenium that helped me a lot to enhance my skills in Automation testing. I got my Selenium advance course certificate after completion of my training. I would like to recommend tech canvass institute to my friends!


    Sarojini Sahu

    Thanks for providing such a useful session for Automation testing for Selenium. I really appreciate the way of teaching and sharing of knowledge. Basically the practical/theoretical sessions are really good as it covers all the scenarios and modules.


    Yogesh Ganpule

    Good for beginners and people who are new to coding , all details covered, best in Mumbai. Automations (Selenium + java ) Taught very nicely.

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