Tableau Training and Certification

Course Overview

Tableau certification training course from Techcanvass is designed to help you master Data visualizations using Tableau. This course will help you master the skill of creating powerful and interactive Dashboards using Tableau creator which includes Tableau desktop, Prep Builder and Tableau server/Online. This live online course is a 100% hands-on course with real-life use cases, exercises, and a project.

Who should attend this course?

  • Developers who wish to upskill and add Tableau and data visualization skill to their profile/resume
  • Business Analysts who wish to work on Data Science and Business Analytics projects
  • Project Managers who would like to manage the data science and business analytics projects

Average Tableau data analyst salary is as $79,384 by Ziprecruiter
Organizations using Tableau include CISCO, LinkedIn, Wells Fargo, Prudential Financial, EMC, Intel to name a few.

What You'll Learn

In this course, you will learn the value of powerful visualizations with interactive charts to help organizations make informed decisions. The key learnings from this course are:

  • The role of data visualizations in the overall business/data analytics life cycle
  • How visualizations have helped organizations using real-life use cases
  • Data wrangling and data model concepts
  • Types of charts and its usage in Tableau
  • Creating Interactive dashboards to help organizations get insights

Why you should choose this course?


Real-life Case studies

The course not only covers “How to” of each visualization and dashboards but goes beyond that. We cover several real-life case studies from the Industry to discuss how Data visualizations have helped organizations across the World.


Application of dashboards and charts in real-life scenarios

It is important to learn how to create a doughnut chart, but is that enough? Absolutely not, you should also understand when to use doughnut? Which chart type should be used to compare data or see trend lines or to solve a business problem? This course will help you learn the usage of data visualization in real-life scenarios.


Interview preparation and Resume assistance

Our course will also help you in preparing for job interviews with one-to-one mock interview and detailed feedback session. Our team will also assist you in giving you feedback on your resume so that you can make it industry ready.

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Course Certification

At the end you will get course certification from Techcanvass and assessment report on your assignment and projects

In order to get certification of completion:

  • Submit the all class assignment
  • Complete and submit training project

Tableau Course Syllabus

Module 1: Data Visualization Fundamentals and Tableau

This Module will cover the basics of Data visualization and its purpose. Topics to be covered in this module

• What is data visualization?

• Need for Data visualization

• Introduction to Tableau

• Installation Tableau

• Understanding the Architecture of Tableau

Module 2: Knowing Tableau better

This Module will focus on diving deeper into tableau to understand its components. Topics to be covered in this module

• Tableau Dashboard

• Distributing and publishing

• Tableau desktop

• Tableau Server

Module 3: Data Sources Connectivity from tableau

This Module will help you understand the connectivity techniques with multiple data sources. Topics to be covered in this module

• Managing metadata

• Cross database joins

• Connecting with Excel

• Connecting with PDFs

• Connecting with Cubes

• Class Demonstrations

Module 4: PWorking with Data in Tableau

This module will enable you to understand the data in Tableau

• Working with extracts

• Tableau File types

• Joins and Blends

• Data Filtering

• Class Examples & Exercises

Module 5: Visual Analytics Fundamentals

This Module will help you understand the basics of visual analytics and techniques. Topics to be covered in this module

• What is visual analytics

• Understanding drill downs and hierarchies

• Data manipulations (sorting, grouping etc)

• Types of charts – standard visualizations

Module 6: Visualizations in Tableau

In this module, you will learn the visualization options in Tableau

• Value comparison across dimensions

• Dates and Time visualization

• Measure names and values

• Cross Tabs

• Class Examples & Exercises

Module 7: Aggregations and calculations

In this module, you will learn to use row level aggregation functions and will be able to apply calculations:

• Concept of calculated fields

• Parameters

• Ad hoc calculations

• Performance issues

• Class Examples & Exercises

Module 8: Applying context

In this module, you will understand the concept of context and be able to apply them in your visualizations:

• Reference Lines

• Trend Lines

• Forecasting Analysis

• Class Examples & Exercises

Module 9: Visualization Enhancement

How would you enhance and format your visualization reports to give them a great look

• Aspects of Formatting

• Knowing Formatting options in Tableau

• Adding value to visualizations

• Custom palettes (e.g. colors, shapes, custom geocoding)

• Filtering and Sorting adv. concepts

• Class Examples & Exercises

Module 10: In this module, you will learn creating the dashboards in Tableau.

• What is a Dashboard

• Designing and building great Dashboards

• Designing for various form factors (Devices)

• Developing stories

• Actions

• Creating Dynamic Dashboards

• Animation

• Sheet swapping

• Case Study I: Sales Dashboard

Module 11: Tableau Web Editor

In this module, you will learn the basics of Web Editor in Tableau

• Walking through Editor

• Editor Vs Desktop

• Options in Editor

• Class Demonstrations

Module 12: Publishing and Sharing reports

In this module, you will learn the printing, publishing and sharing options in Tableau

• Sharing options in Tableau

• Presenting your reports

• Printing your reports

• Exporting your reports

• Class Demonstrations and exercises

Course project

Retail Store chain transformation

Business Intelligence (BI) tools are adopted by more and more companies in the current environment that requires companies to operate as efficiently as possible. The case study investigates a BI adoption in a retail chain. Based on qualitative research methods, it analyses the Business Intelligence life cycle; it evaluates factors impacting the adoption from the Diffusion of Innovations perspective.

The present study tried to help the upcoming retail store to solve the problem of transformation from traditional way of doing business to the digital way. Automate the data collection where available and create integrated set of dashboards that will free up time for the business analysts to get away from some report production time and spend more time on analysis that will greatly benefit the business in the long-term.

Upcoming Batches Schedule

Time Zone:

Start Date Days Timings
19 September 2020 Sat - Sunday (4 Weeks) 07:30 PM - 09:30 PM ( IST ) Live Online Training
10 October 2020 Sat - Sunday (4 weeks) 07:30 PM- 09:30 PM (IST) Live Online Training
07 November 2020 Sat - Sunday (4 Weeks) 07:30 PM - 09:30 PM ( IST ) Live Online Training
05 December 2020 Sat - Sunday (4 Weeks) 07:30 PM- 09:30 PM (IST) Live Online Training

Tableau Training fee details

Tableau Training Fee Details
(Live Online Training)
  • Live online training (Weekends)
  • 4 weekends course
  • TechEdge portal access – 1 year
  • Case study
  • Course Projects
Course Price (GST Extra)


₹ 14,000

₹ 16,000

(2000/- OFF)

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