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Selenium Online Training

Selenium Training | Weekend Classes | Live interactive sessions

Selenium Online Training & Certification

Techcanvass offers live online Selenium Training course, which is interactive and completely hands-on. The course is conducted over the weekends. The trainers for this course are working professionals with actual industry experience.
This online course covers Java Basics, webdriver, Data driven testing, Page factory and POM, Maven, TestNG, Automation Framework etc. The trainer demonstrates examples and helps participants practice during the sessions, making this course completely hands-on. You will also receive a certification at the end of the course.


Know about the Online Selenium Certification Courses Features

Our trainers are working professionals with Selenium expertise

All batches are conducted on the weekends

We keep our syllabus aligned with industry needs.

Project and multiple business processes automation.

TechEdge portal with learning resources.

Selenium 3.0 Certification (Online Test).

Online Selenium Course Demos

Watch the recordings of the live online selenium training sessions.

How much Java is needed to learn Selenium?
Basics of locators in Selenium
Basics of XPATH – A locator strategy
Writing Selenium Automation Script

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Selenium Course Syllabus

This selenium training course is designed to provide you a comprehensive and hands-on expertise on Java and Selenium 3.0 suite.

Introduction to Selenium 3.0

• Introduction to Selenium

• Introduction to Automation Testing

• Scope of Selenium Training

• Why Automation Testing

• Introduction to Selenium 3.0 components

• Selenium Evolution from 1.0 to 3.0

Introduction to Eclipse

• The Eclipse Tool

• Walk through of Eclipse

• Role of Eclipse

Setting up Eclipse

• Downloading Selenium Jar Files

• Checking JDK version

• Setting up JAVA PATH

• Adding JAR files

• Setting up first project

• Writing small JAVA program

Java Essentials for Selenium - Part I

• Java program structure

• Introduction to classes and objects

• Running first Java program

Java Essentials for Selenium - Part II (Language constructs)

• Introduction to data types

• Access Modifiers

• Functions and Variables

• Loops in Java

Java Essentials for Selenium - Part III (OOPs Concepts)

• Abstraction

• Polymorphism

• Inheritance

• Encapsulation

Java Essentials for Selenium - Part IV

• Exception Handling in JAVA

• File I/O in JAVA

• Collections (List, Set, MAP)


• What are locators

• Types of locators

• Examples of using Locators

• Advantages and disadvantages of using locators

Web Driver Part-I

• Introduction of Web Driver

• Download & configuring Web driver

• Architecture of selenium web driver

• Drivers for Firefox, IE, chrome, I-phone, Android

• First Selenium Code

• Introduction to basic commands like get/navigate

• Exception Handling in Selenium

Web Driver Part-II

• Working with web page elements/Controls

  • Dropdown

  • List box

  • Radio buttons

  • Multi-select box

  • Date picker

  • Combobox widget

• Introducing wait - implicit and explicit wait

• Handling different browsers - Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer browser

• Taking screenshots

• Handling Java script alerts, confirmations and prompts

Web Driver Part-III

• Working with Windows, Tabs and Frames

• Working with static and dynamic Web tables


Web Driver Part-IV

• File Upload and Download

• Working with Proxy APIs

TestNG Framework

• Introduction to TestNG framework

• Logging

• Annotations

• Parameters

• Assert class

• Parallel Execution

Automation Framework Basics

• Introduction to Automation Frameworks

• What is Data Driven framework?

• What is Keyword Driven framework?

• What is Hybrid Framework?

Implementing Automation Framework

• How to structure automation framework

• Components of a hybrid framework

• Implementing a hybrid fraemwork

WePage Object Model (POM)

• What is Page Object Model (POM)

• Concept of Object Repository

• Need for POM

• Page Factory

• Implementing POM

Example and Exercises

Course Project

• A Project assignment will be handed over to you towards the end of the course.

Introduction to Maven

• What is Maven?

• Purpose of Maven

• Installing Maven

• How to use Maven

Working with GitHub

• What is GitHub?

• Setting up GitHub

• Managing source code with GitHub

• Configuration Management with GitHub

Building and automating Selenium Scripts with Maven, TestNG and GitHub

• Putting it together

• Using Maven, TestNG and GitHub together

Winium, WinApp and Katalon Studio Basics

• Desktop application testing with Winium

• What is Katalon Studio

• Katalon Studio Vs Selenium

• WinApp Driver Basics

Certification Test

• An end of course test, which will earn you a certification of competency

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Selenium Training and Certification Fees Details

This section provides details of the fees for all the selenium training and certification courses provided by Techcanvass

Course Name        
Actual price
Offer price
Classroom training  
INR 16,500
INR 13,200
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Classroom with CP-SAT fee Certification
(Installment facility available)
INR 21,200
INR 16,900
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Live Online training
INR 14,100
INR 11,280
Live Online with CP-SAT fee Certification
(Instalment facility available)
INR 18,600
INR 14,900
Self paced training
INR 6000
INR 4,500
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Self paced with CP-SAT fee Certification
(Instalment facility available)
INR 11,200
INR 8,400
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Upcoming Batches Schedule

19JAN Live Online 09:00 AM- 11:00 AM (IST)
09FEB Live Online 09:00 AM- 11:00 AM (IST)
02MAR Live Online 09:00 AM- 11:00 AM (IST)

Course Certification

At the end of the course you will be get a certification of competency in Selenium 3.0.


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