Certification in Business Data Analytics (CBDA) Training

The Certification in Business Data Analytics training program will help you learn a set of techniques, competencies, and procedures to help an organization obtain valuable insights and support informed decision making
International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) offers the CBDA certification which recognizes your ability to effectively execute analysis related work in support of business analytics initiatives. Simply put, will be enabled to perform a Business Analyst role and work with the data scientist professionals in a Data Analytics/Business Intelligence Project.

  • Global datasphere will reach 175 zettabytes by 2025 (IDC) – 26 times the distance from Moon to Earth
  • Data, analytics and information services will grow fastest – 16-18%/year (Mckinsey Report )
  • Analytical Reasoning, AI and Business Analysis top 10 hard skills as per LinkedIn

CBDA Training Course Key Features

CBDA Training Highlights

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  • IIBA Endorsed Course for 16 hrs of PD/CDUs
  • 16-hrs of Live Online Training
  • Fully aligned to CBDA Syllabus
  • Detailed Analysis of CBDA case studies
  • Specially designed Case studies/ Projects
  • Data Visualization Module (Optional)

What will you get as part of the course?

  • Practice questions and full-length simulations
  • Case Studies and Projects
  • Crosswords / Match making exercises
  • Flash cards
  • Mind Maps
  • Data Science Fundamentals E-Book
  • Session Recordings
  • Class Presentations

Why you should choose this course?


Real-life Case studies

The course not only covers “How to” of each visualization and dashboards but goes beyond that. We cover several real-life case studies from the Industry to discuss how Data visualizations have helped organizations across the World.


Detailed Analysis of IIBA CBDA Guide Case Studies

It is important to learn how to create a doughnut chart, but is that enough? Absolutely not, you should also understand when to use doughnut? Which chart type should be used to compare data or see trend lines or to solve a business problem? This course will help you learn the usage of data visualization in real-life scenarios.


Interview preparation and Resume assistance

Our course will also help you in preparing for job interviews with one-to-one mock interview and detailed feedback session. Our team will also assist you in giving you feedback on your resume so that you can make it industry ready.

Know More

CBDA Course Syllabus

Course Module
Fundamentals of Data Science/Analytics
1 Introduction to Data Science/Analytics
2 Use cases for Data Science/Analytics
3 Data Science lifecycle
4 Types of Data Analytics.
5 Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning overview
Introduction to Certification in Business data analytics
6 What is Business Data Analytics?
7 Core philosophy of CBDA
8 Eligibility Criteria
9 Six Business Data Analytics Domains
Business Analysis and Data Analytics
10 Business Analysis in Data Analytics Projects
11 Business Analysis Vs Data Analytics
Introduction to Business Data analytics Domains
12 Identify the Research Questions – 20% (Domain 1)
13 Source Data – 15% (Domain 2)
14 Analyze Data – 16% (Domain 3)
15 Interpret and Report Results – 20% (Domain 4)
16 Use Results to Influence Business Decision Making – 20% (Domain 5)
17 Guide Organization-level Strategy for Business Analytics - 9% (Domain 6)
Domain 1: Identify the Research Questions
18 Define Business Problem or Opportunity.
19 Identify and Understand the Stakeholders,
20 Assess Current State,
21 Define Future State,
22 Formulate Research Questions,
23 Plan Business Data Analytics Approach, and
24 Select Techniques for Identify the Research Questions
Domain 2: Source Data
25 Plan Data Collection,
26 Determine the Data Sets,
27 Collect Data, and
28 Validate Data.
Domain 3: Analyze Data
29 Develop Data Analysis Plan,
30 Prepare Data,
31 Explore Data,
32 Perform Data Analysis, and
33 Assess the Analytics and System Approach Taken
Domain 4: Interpret and Report Results
34 Validate Understanding of Stakeholders,
35 Plan Stakeholder Communication,
36 Determine Communication Needs of Stakeholders,
37 Derive Insights from Data, and
38 Document and Communicate Findings from Completed Analysis, and
39 Select Techniques for Interpret and Reporting Results
Domain 5: Use Results to Influence Business Decision-Making
40 Recommend Actions,
41 Develop Implementation Plan, and
42 Manage Change.
Domain 6: Guide Organizational-Level Strategy for Business Data Analytics
43 Organizational Strategy,
44 Talent Strategy, and
45 Data Strategy.
46 Business Simulation
47 Business Visualizations
48 Concept Modelling
49 Data Dictionary
50 Data Flow Diagrams
51 Data Mapping
52 Data Storytelling
53 Decision Modelling and Analysis
54 Descriptive and Inferential Statistics
55 Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL)
56 Exploratory Data Analysis
57 Hypothesis Formulation and Testing
58 Interface Analysis
59 Optimization
60 Problem Shaping and Reframing
61 Stakeholder List, Map, or Personas
62 Survey and Questionnaire
63 Technical Visualizations
64 The Big Idea
65 3-Minute Story
Case study & Project
66 Domain 1: Fraud Detection and Predictive Analytics Case study at an Investment bank
67 Domain 2: Voice termination fraud Case study
68 Domain 3: Exploratory Data analysis and Life Insurance company Case study
69 Domain 4: HiFive Ice cream Case Study
70 Domain 5: E-commerce retailer and UK giftware and online gifting industry
71 Domain 6: E-commerce retailer Case study

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Start Date Days Timings
05 December 2020 Sat - Sunday (4 Weeks) 07:30 PM - 09:30 PM ( IST ) Live Online Training
09 January 2021 Sat - Sunday (4 weeks) 07:30 PM- 09:30 PM (IST) Live Online Training
13 February 2021 Sat - Sunday (4 weeks) 07:30 PM - 09:30 PM ( IST ) Live Online Training
13 March 2021 Sat - Sunday (4 Weeks) 07:30 PM- 09:30 PM (IST) Live Online Training



  • Live online Training on weekends
  • 4-weekends course
  •  Mock Questions and Drills
  •  1-year Access to TechEdge LMS Portal

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