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Certified Agile Business Analyst Training (CABA)

Course Overview

Techcanvass's Agile Business Analyst course is a certification course leading to CABA certification. Agile business analyst is a specialization for business analysis skills in Agile environment including SCRUM.

The Certified Agile Business Analyst certification (CABA) is awarded by International Software Quality Institute (iSQI GmbH) , Germany.

Our course not only covers the requisite topics for the certification but also helps learn practical business analysis skills for Agile environment like user story modelling, estimation techniques etc.

If you are interested in testing skills in agile project, visit Agile testing course page.

Why the CABA Certification Course from Techcanvass?

International Certification

Certification by iSQI Germany.

iSQI course Manual

iSQI Germany provides a manual for reference purposes.

Mock Tests

We also provide 2 mock papers for practice.


A project to create the specifications for a Retail banking application.

Experienced Trainer

Trainer with experience of working in Agile projects.

TechEdge Portal

Get access to our LMS portal with PPTs and Recordings.

Course Preview

Agile Business Analyst – Introduction
Retrospectives in Agile
Need for Agile

Course Syllabus

This CBAP certification preparation training is aligned with BABOK Guide v3.

What is Business Analysis?

• Business Analysis / The Business Analyst

• The Scope of Business Analysis

• Competencies of a Business Analyst

What is Agile?

• Agile

• Agile versus Traditional

• Need for Agile

Common Agile Approaches

• Generic Agile

• Agile Team Roles and Responsibilities

• BA Roles in Agile

• Scrum and XP

• Lean and Kanban

Introduction to SCRUM

SCRUM methodology


Scrum Artefacts

• Product Backlog

• Sprint Backlog

• Burndown chart

• Burn up chart

SCRUM ceremonies

• Daily Stand up meeting

• Sprint Planning meeting

• Sprint Review meeting

• Retrospective

Scrum Product backlog grooming

• Why backlog grooming

• Is not against SCRUM rules

BA Techniques in Agile Projects

• Frameworks, Principles and Techniques

• BABOK® Techniques

• Planning Levels

Requirements Management in Agile

• User Stories

• Elaboration

• Story Decomposition

• Story Mapping

• Story Boarding

Advance Agile Techniques

• Business Capability Analysis

• Personas

• Value Stream Mapping

Requirements prioritization and MVP Concepts/Techniques

• Backlog Management

• Business Value Definition

• Kano Analysis

• MoSCoW

• Purpose Alignment Model

Review and close

• What next for the Business Analyst

• Retrospective

Live class exercises

• Sprint Planning meeting – Role play

• Sprint Review meeting – Role play

Course features and fees

The agile business analyst training course is available as online self-paced course with 16-hrs of actual online class recordings. The lectures have been divided into small chapters for easy learning and better understanding.

Each chapter will have an associated quiz. There is an end of course Proficiency assessment test also, which will also make you eligible for Techcanvass certification of proficiency.

Certified Agile Business Analyst Course
Live Online Training

Course Highlights
  •   16-hrs Live online Training
  •   iSQI Germany approved course
  •   Covers all the aspects of Agile Business Analyst role
  •   Weekends classes
Course Material
  •   iSQI Official manual
  •   iSQI official presentation
  •   iSQI full length simulations (2)
  •   Techcanvass Certification based on test and project completion
  •   iSQI exam fees not included

Course Fees

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₹ 12,510

₹ 13,900

(10% OFF)

Certified Agile Business Analyst Course
Self-paced Course

Course Highlights
  •   iSQI Germany approved course
  •   Actual class recordings
  •   Arranged in Chapters
  •   Chapter wise Quizzes
Course Material
  •   iSQI Official manual
  •   iSQI official presentation
  •   iSQI full length simulations (2)
  •   Techcanvass Certification based on test and project completion
  •   iSQI exam fees not included

Course Fees

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₹ 4,680

₹ 5,200

(10% OFF)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

I am new to business analysis, can I do this certification?

The CABA certification is better suited for IT professionals who are familiar with software development processes and methodologies. If you are working as a business analyst, developer, programmer, tester or QA professional, this course is meant for you. If you are coming from non-IT background, then this course is definitely not recommended. For Non-IT professionals, IIBA ECBA Business Analyst Certification Training is an ideal choice.

What is the value of CABA certification?

Certified Agile Business Analyst certification is one of the very new certifications for the Agile business analysts. It's a relatively role and hence you might not have heard about it. As Agile methodologies are getting adoped at a rapid rate, this role is going to gain prominence very fast. You can definitely go for an early mover advantage.

What is CABA?

Certified Agile Business Analyst certification is one of the very new certifications for the Agile business analysts. This certification is offered by International Software Quality Institute (iSQI), Germany.

What is iSQI and where is it located?

The International Software Quality Institute (iSQI GmbH), headquartered in Potsdam (DE), with subsidiaries in Amstelveen (NL), London (UK) and Boston, (USA), is a leading provider of certification examinations all over the world. For the last 10 years, it has been certifying professionals across the world. Some of the certifications provided by iSQI are as follows:

  • • Certified Agile Tester (CAT)

  • • Certified Agile TDD

  • • Certified Agile BA

  • • Certified Agile Essentials

You can visit Agile Teaming website to learn more about these certifications.

Who is an Agile Business Analyst?

Agile business analyst is a relatively new role in the IT industry. However, we can relate it to a Product Owner's role in SCRUM methodology. Business Analyst role is relevant for all types of IT projects including projects executed using Agile methodologies. The skills for an Agile Business Analyst includes user story development and mapping, backlog grooming, customer stakeholder interaction etc.

What is the CABA certification fees?

The paper based exam costs € 125. This exam can also be taken at Pearson Vue centres across the world. The Pearson Vue exam fees are different in the country you are residing.

Techcanvass is an Authorized Pearson Vue Test centre, so you can appear for the certification exam from our Mumbai office as well.

What is the difference between Agile Business Analyst and Product Owner?

A product owner is a defined role for SCRUM methodology only and is not valid for all the Agile methodologies. Agile business Analyst refers to the business analysis conducted in any software project following Agile methodologies not necessarily SCRUM.

But broadly speaking, product owners have a restricted role as compared to a typical business analyst.

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Course Project

Retail Banking Project


The project will help you write user stories, epics and themes for a retail banking system. The system comprises of banking, advances and payments modules. You will also be creating the process model for this project.
BFSI (Banking, Financial services and Insurance) is a the biggest investor in IT systems and IT industry has this sector as the largest revenue source.

Case Studies


Developing Backlog, theme, Epic & User stories

One of the largest private sector bank in India was looking to develop an Enterprise Application Integration Project (EAI). A very large project had minimal user Interface (UI) requirements. It was a challenge to decide the strategy for the requirements elicitation and analysis, as more than 20 departments of the bank were involved. So in this case study, we are going to look at how we went about requirement elicitation?


Estimation and requirement management for an AGILE Project

A large private sector bank wanted to go mobile and was looking to develop the mobile application for users. In this case study, we are going to show how do you estimate the effort for this project to be developed using AGILE methodology. How do you manage the requirement for the project through multiple sprint.

Student Testimonials


Deepthy B.

I joined Techcanvass Institute for CABA course. I had opted for Online training on weekends. The session are very well structured and so it was very easy to understand and follow.

The course helped me to understand the agile techniques for BA. I would really recommend this institute to every one who are looking for agile BA training. The instructor and the administration team are very supportive and responsive.


Jyoti Moryani

It was a good experience learning from Techcanvass. The trainer had made the sessions quite interactive which helped and made learning fun.

Also all modules were explained using real world scenarios which made it all the more easier. Also there is a lot of content on the portal for example videos, some tutorials which are very helpful. The mock sessions were also included in the classroom training and was a very interactive one.

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